Consulting services for facilities and private practice

I am available to consult on a freelance basis if you are interested to hear more about my experience and the methods I have used to recover.

I do not believe addiction is a disease but, based on the work of Dr Gabor Maté, that addiction is trauma related and connected to something slightly different and more complex than popular and current opinion suggests. The latter is a connection that I have made on my own journey, that explains how addiction may work more logically and practically.

I am still in the process of researching and gathering more data and information.

I have gained a deep understanding of how my own addiction and mental health "disorders" have worked for me personally and am open to sharing this and working with facilities and private practitioners, who are keen to move away from the disease model (s) and who are exploring new avenues and approaches to addiction and mental health, with the main focus being on a medication free life and healing people.

While I understand that, due to time constraints and costs, this is a difficult process and a lot to expect of current treatment facilities, I also believe that with adequate tools, skills and armed with relevant knowledge, patients / clients will be able to find sobriety and stability in treatment facilities, and continue their journey of recovery after they leave with more success.

I offer consulting services for R2500 an hour and am hoping to work one on one with a facilities, that have the resources and medical professionals available, to further research and develop this new approach to treating addiction and mental health.

Absolute discretion and privacy guaranteed.


Consulting for professionals only.

Treatment Facilities / Private Therapists Consulting

Hourly rate: R2500

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