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Anxiety & depression

Anxiety & Depression is not a "mental illness / disorder."

Proper recovery for anxiety & depression takes time. It is a slow journey and you will need to be committed to doing the work step by step and staying the distance.

Full recovery and a medication free lifestyle from anxiety & depression is possible.

Narcissistic abuse

I have a great deal of experience with Narcissistic Abuse / Coercive Control.

Exposure to ongoing emotional and psychological abuse is extremely destructive and can present as mental health disorders and / or addiction problems.

Full recovery is possible.

Recovery assistance for addiction

I work with a variety of approaches to mentoring / guiding people to strengthen and further their journey into recovery.

I believe an integrated, holistic approach that is tailor made for the individual offers the greatest chance at resolving addictive behaviours over time.


Consulting for professionals only.

Treatment Facilities / Private Therapists Consulting

Hourly rate: R2500


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